What Is A Bentwood Ring?


Each ring is 100% handmade from start to finish. The wood veneer is steam bent much like the body of an acoustic guitar and formed into the shape and size of the ring-to-be. Steam bending wood in the direction of the grain is crucial in maintaining the natural strength and integrity of every species.


After the grooves have been cut, our triple inlay model center inlay is filled with a variety of imported German crushed glass which are individually adhered around the entire ring. The inlay process is finished with two wound guitar strings in either nickel or bronze on either side of the colored glass. 


For our fretboard ring varieties, each fret is cut to size and inlaid one at a time. After all of the frets are down, the real guitar strings, or bass strings per special request, are pulled and secured around the ring. Finally, the mother-of-pearl fretmarkers are cut and placed between every other fret. 


Over many steps, each ring is completely clear-coated inside and out, sized, buffed, and polished. Every ring includes a ring care kit with a wax/polish compound, a microfiber polishing cloth, as well as a laminated card explaining how to properly care for your new purchase.


We plant 1 tree for every ring we sell in an effort to give back our planet as well as use as much salvaged wood as we can get our hands on. Each order includes 1 free resize and 1 free refinish if need be, so you’re protected! We ship for free worldwide from Anaheim, California!