How to Build Your Ring


How To Build Your Ring (See additional photos below for reference)

Each ring is handmade custom to the specifications you choose. Selections can be found in the drop-down menus on each ring product page.

Wood Type

We offer 5 different types of wood in our rings

Rosewood - Light to medium brown wood, which is the most common and most popular

Ebony - Black-brown wood (NOT solid black)

Maple - Light tan wood

Purple Heart - Purple-grey wood

Etimoe - Lighter brown wood used in our Triple Inlay Ring

String Color

Bronze - Most commonly used on acoustic guitars.

Nickel - Most commonly used on electric guitars

Ring Size

Our rings are made in standard US/Canadian sizes and are available in half and quarter sizes. If you're looking to find your ring size click here!

Ring Width

Each ring type varies in how wide it can be made. These are measured in millimeters and range from 8mm-10mm for our Triple Inlay Ring as well as our Original Fretboard Ring. The Single and Double String Rings range from 6-10mm. If the ring you are viewing does no offer this option, it is because the width is made according to the scale size of the ring you order. If you are looking for recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Inlay or Fret Marker Inlay

The fret marker inlay is referring to the mother-of-pearl markers or dots found on guitars. These can be made in white mother-of-pearl style or black. We also make block and trapezoid inlays in the same colors. 

Our Triple Inlay Rings are made with a variety of inlays such as German imported colored crushed glass and turquoise tone.

Lead Time

Each ring is handmade in the order they are received. Our lead times vary depending on the time of year and all current lead times can be found listed at the top of each product page. Rush lead times are available as well. If you have a special occasion, please let us know so we can ensure delivery in time!

Ring Box

Our rings come with two ring box options - a clear-top metal tin and the popular Guitar Case Ring Box for the musicians and music lovers alike!


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